Homeowner, Dwelling & Commercial Property Insurance For Properties Within The District of Columbia

District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility


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The District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility (DCPIF) can provide insurance coverage to property owners, individuals, or businesses throughout the District of Columbia who have been unable to obtain essential property insurance through the competitive property/casualty insurance marketplace. The DCPIF offers Homeowners, Dwelling and Commercial property insurance for qualified properties.

Every applicant is encouraged to seek coverage through the competitive insurance marketplace. You can apply for insurance with the DCPIF by contacting a licensed property/casualty insurance Producers, or applying with the DCPIF directly.  

The District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility does not have a rating by any financial rating organization, such as A.M. Best Company, due to our being a F.A.I.R. Plan. The law requires that all insurers licensed to write property insurance in the District of Columbia become a member of the DCPIF.

Questions about the District of Columbia Property Insurance Facility can be directed to info@mdjia.org.

Our Consumer Information Sheet as well as Applications and additional information regarding coverages are available on our Forms Page.




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Ellicott City, MD 21043


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Fax: (410) 244-7268


What Is Available for Coverage?

Those needing coverage are encouraged to first contact a local insurance Producer (agent). Individuals may contact the DCPIF directly to apply for coverage.



A person who owns their own home. This may be a single-family home, condominium, or town/row home. The DCPIF homeowners coverage requires that the property be owner occupied.


dwelling property

A dwelling is a house, apartment, or other place of residence that can be occupied by the owner, tenant, or both, this will involve a rental or lease agreement.


commercial property

The commercial building owner or tenant may acquire their own insurance through DCPIF’s commercial fire program. The DCPIF does not offer commercial liability.



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